Our activities

Vocational training

Basic training

Three-year basic training courses are meant for young people who have finished secondary school. They offer a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. During classroom sessions students learn the theoretical basis of professional subjects, while in the labs they put into practice what they have learnt. All courses include on-the-job training, which puts them in contact with the industry. After the 3-year course, students acquire a professional qualification recognized in all European countries.
We offer courses to become: cook, waiter, baker/confectioner/ice-cream maker, hairdresser, beautician, prepress operator, press operator, electrical contractor.

Basic qualification intensive courses

Work-oriented basic qualification intensive courses for those who want to learn a job quickly. The courses usually last 6 months and have an intensive work experience programme which is a great opportunity to enter the world of work.

Post diploma courses

Intended for those who hold a secondary school diploma. The courses are characterized by an active internship. Post diploma courses are completely free of charge and are the result of a careful analysis of the demands of the world of work.

Post graduate courses

Postgraduate courses are short-term highly specialized courses for those who already have a degree: Courses aim to develop specific competences, the key to clearing a path through the ever-changing world of work.

Refresher courses

Education and training are important throughout one's life: We offer refresher courses to improve skills, refresh knowledge to keep up-to-date, to enter or re-enter the world of work. These courses also provide an excellent opportunity to strengthen networks.

Work experience programmes

Civiform promotes work experience programmes in which people can get a feel for the professional working environment and companies can welcome new potential recruits at the same time. Paid work experiences are intended for unemployed people who expect to spend a period of active training in a company.

Courses for foreigners

Since foreign nationals have become an integral part of our society and our culture is inseparable from multi-ethnicity, we work to help them integrate in an effective way. Civiform has taken up this social challenge and offers Italian language courses and vocational training specific for foreigners, to help them enter the world of work quickly.

Courses on demand

We offer also a range of tailor-made courses that provide a great opportunity for companies that want to enrich their technical know-how. They are also meant for employed people who want to update their skills and acquire the flexibility that is so important in today's workplace.

Apprenticeship training

An apprenticeship is a particular system of training aiming at fostering young people to enter the world of work. Most apprenticeship training is done on-the-job while working for an employer who helps them learn their trade in exchange for their continuing to work for an agreed period after they become skilled. During the apprenticeship the trainee has the opportunity to gain many specific skills.

Vocational Counselling and Guidance

Providing guidance means finding the best way to achieve a goal. We provide assistance to help you make the best educational, training and occupational choices for your career. We offer the following services:

  • Welcome and information service: to help gather information about the labour market and job requests 
  • Guidance service: to help develop and accept an integrated picture of oneself to find satisfying roles in the environment and in the world of work
  • Counselling service: to help get to know oneself and ones skills to enable exploration of the different alternatives, narrow down the possibilities and then choose the right way to ensure the best career decisions
  • Support service: to help write a CV and find a company for a training period

Activities for companies

Civiform helps companies to enrich their know-how. In order to help people better meet the demands of the ever-changing labour market, we provide custom-made courses for companies and promote training periods and work experience programmes in which companies can welcome new potential recruits. We also organize refresher courses for small groups of employees.

Activities for schools

Since Civiform considers a mix of vocational training and education very important, a range of activities have been developed in collaboration with the schools of Friuli Venezia Giulia: Italian courses for foreigners, integrated courses and extracurricular activities are just some of them.

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