FoBo Project

FOBO is the acronym for Folk without Books, a project co-financed by the Lifelong Learning Programme, through the Grundtvig Learning Partnership (August 2009-July 2011). The partnership included 6 Countries: Germany, Great Britain, France, Lithuania, Austria and Italy.
Nowadays, the cultural assets of people with a low education level and poor people consist of television and radio programmes, video, complimentary print products such as advertising papers and customer leaflets, magazines and, booklets from railway station kiosks.
The project “Folk without Books – Creating Literacy” intended to develop a book with guidelines for literacy and make it accessible to the educational systems in the partner countries.  As a result, the manual will assist educational organisations, libraries, museums, newspaper publishing companies and practitioners and professionals in culture, education, and integration to adjust their texts, offers, and working practices to better encourage interest in, and meet the needs of, reading and education.
The aim was to encourage the learners involved in the project to see culture and education as keys to successful social integration.

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