F2F Project

F2F is the acronym for From Farm to Fork, a project co-financed by the Lifelong Learning Programme, through the Grundtvig Learning Partnership. The partnership involves three countries: France, Spain and Italy.
The project intends to increase awareness of organic gastronomy and the use of organic and biodynamic products. It will create a partnership among institutions working in the catering, tourism and food training sector operating in several European countries. The main aim is to improve knowledge and awareness about these topics and to understand the training needs related to them in the local territories involved; the results of this project will be the basis on which to develop new future cooperation projects.
 Partners will be involved in sharing best practices and experiences and will analyze their local context in order to understand the state-of-the-art, to define the new skills the agricultural and catering sector needs, and to prepare guidelines useful to improve the awareness about organic farming/food relevance. They will also promote a new culture on organic issues, sharing approaches and good practices within their local and regional context and with their own stakeholders.

Give a look at web site of the project www.fromfarmtofork.eu

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