POVEL Project

POVEL is the acronym for Prevention of Violence through Education to Legislation, which is a project co-financed by Daphne III, through the Fundamental Rights and Justice programme. The partnership involves four countries: Belgium, France, Spain and Italy.
The proposal arises from the widespread need to prevent and combat violence against young people, whether by peers or adults, through integrated interventions in education legislation and social action. Peer violence and bullying are increasing. The widespread development of media technologies, especially web social networks and mobile phone communication services, represent a virtual space in which young people are often alone and vulnerable to sexual harassment, cyber-bullying and media violence in general. Drug and alcohol abuse among adolescent people, in addition to being a growing social and health threat, are also a risk factor for peer violence acts.
The project aims, on one hand, to offer adolescents tools to protect themselves from potential offenders, while on the other hand, supporting the promotion of positive behaviour so that they do not become, in turn, perpetrators of violence.

More info on www.daphenpovel.net

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